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Rallies (redirected from rallies)

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Procedures for Rallies held at the Student Union


Rallies are events where people freely assemble around a common cause(s) and/or point(s) of advocacy. Rallies are subject to the University's Time, Place & Manner policy, also known as the 'Picketing Code'and the University's Land Use Policy.


  • Space for rallies can be requested 24 hours in advance, but it is advisable to allow at least 48 hours to make sure that space is registered.
  • During class hours, rallies can only be held on the Student Union steps (either front entrance or south steps).  PA’s or other amplified sound can only be used in this area from 12 pm - 1 pm and after 5 pm.
  • A PA system from the Campus Center can be requested for use on the steps between April 1 and November 1, but will not be provided in bad weather.  Normal charges will apply. Sponsoring RSO is responsible for any damage that occurs to the PA system.
  • Only one rally will be scheduled at any given time.
  • Traffic flow in and out of the Student Union must not be impeded at any time during the rally.
  • Like all RSO Events, groups must meet with a CSD Advisor to discuss and expedite proper event management protocols.


Below are suggestions for rally management:

  • Keep the podium area clear of audience members to insure the safety of the speakers.
  • Restrict podium access to speakers, police officers, CSD staff, and members of the RSO sponsoring the event.
  • The Sponsoring RSO must provide adequate event staff and someone to act as an official moderator who maintains the speaker list, introduces speakers, and assures that the rally stays within the prescribed time lines.
  • The Sponsoring RSO must clear the podium area and entrances to the Student Union at the beginning of the rally and intermittently throughout the rally as necessary. This can be done by announcing that these areas must remain clear and by also designating security to keep these areas clear.


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